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Spring 2017 (SP2016) SSC Schedule and Tutors

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 Writing Tutor:

We are pleased to announce writing instructor Rita Kiry will be joining the SSC tutoring team. Ms. Kiry is available via email at or face-to-face in the SSC by appointment. Her services may be especially useful for online students. If students submit work or questions via email, Ms. Kiry will aim to give feedback within 72 hours. This feedback may consist of citation recommendations or resources, general comments about the topic and direction of the paper, highlighted areas of grammatical concern, and more. She will not be rewriting student work or editing an entire paper. Ms. Kiry is also capable of assisting with BSAM courses.

Tutors By Department:

     Automotive Collision Repair - Edwin Gonzalez

     Automotive  - Kenneth Gann (AMT & High Performance), Zack Steketee (AMT & High Performance)

     Architectural Technology - Matt Turk

     Carpentry - Shane Biffar

     Electrical - Brandon Marshall, and Nick Wolf

     Industrial Technology - Andrew Earley

     Information Technology - Thomas Stevens, Tobi Kosoko, Conner Foust, Corey Cornelius, and Aleksander Trares

     Precision Machining Technology - Scott Miller


Tutors By Department (Wentzville):

     Automotive - David Dake

     Diesel Technology - Gerald Workman

     Information Technology - John Lamer